April, 12 2017 by lsr team

Ken Wattret & Jonathan Fenby Interview on France

Jonathan Fenby, Managing Director, European Political Research, and Ken Wattret, Managing Director, Global Macro, discuss and answer your questions on this issue including:
- The probable result and the market reaction to either a Le Pen or Macron victory
- The economic outlook in either outcome
- The reform agenda needed to improve growth and encourage investors
- The reform that each candidate would be able to deliver
- Why both Macron and Le Pen would both have difficulty leading the French government
- How investors should position for the potential outcomes

The European economy is growing quickly but France continues to underperform in both GDP and stock market performance. The Presidential election in May presents the country with its starkest political choice for 30 years. The economic implications of the outcome for France, and the wider euro area, are vast.