May, 04 2017 by lsr team

China remains the key country as far as future gas demand growth is concerned. However, countries such as India and Pakistan as well as South East Asia are emerging as other major sources of demand. With global gas markets changing and becoming increasingly liberalized, LNG is set to dominate supplies into the Asian market.

July, 17 2015 by lsr team

Greece came perilously close to crashing out of the euro last weekend and though a deal was agreed to reopen bailout talks, the country’s euro membership hangs in the balance. We continue to assume there will be a third bailout, but this remains a risky assumption and in any case the threat of Grexit will be a recurring theme. With this in mind, we consider what might happen in the Grexit scenario by examining the short term impact of Grexit on the Greek and the euro area economy. Click below to find out if Greece is better off without the euro and whether euro are...