October, 28 2016 by lsr team

The PBoC’s trade-weighted RMB basket has weakened by a little over 8% since its launch last December. The drop has been orderly, in line with Beijing’s intentions. However, the low-hanging fruit from RMB depreciation has already been picked. Despite successively weaker CNY fixings against the dollar, the RMB basket has failed to decline since late August and this month it has been creeping higher. What is causing this divergence? Is it sustainable, and what does it mean for Beijing’s policy choices?

January, 21 2016 by lsr team

Not all the countries have joined in the global currency war. To some of the currencies most exposed to the slowdown in Chinese growth and associated deflation currency pegs are a symbol of normalcy; a signal to investors and speculators alike that the strains wrought by falling prices are only temporary difficulties. No one should be fooled; at best these pegs are illusions of stability and in many cases are making a difficult position worse. In this note we look at the two dollar pegs frequently mentioned in client queries; the Hong Kong dollar (HKD) and the Saudi Arabian...