March, 17 2017 by lsr team

- Chair Yellen dampens market’s policy trajectory - she has to, we don’t
- February retail sales weakened by tax refund delays; underlying demand strong
- CPI details indicate a change - rising prices for discretionary goods

October, 20 2015 by lsr team

Concerns over a slowing China and its knock-on effects on other emerging markets (EMs) have triggered stock market turmoil in advanced economies over the past two months. Investors have started to question whether developed economies, including the UK, can shrug off EM weakness. Meanwhile, expectations of the first Bank of England interest rate hike have now been pushed back to December 2016. What are the impacts of a slowing China on the UK? Will the slowdown in EM growth led by China hinder UK’s domestic-led recovery?  Click below to find out.